A time of transition

In these tumultuous times we live in, humanity has the choice to rise to the challenge or collapse into chaos.

Fortunately in New Zealand/Aotearoa, our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has made the hard call and the nation is in full ‘Lockdown’.

For most of us freedom loving Kiwi’s, being essentially under house arrest with only a few exceptions, is particularly difficult. Only essential trips to the local supermarket, chemist or doctor allowed.

However, with more time on our hands, that endless ‘to do’ list of chores is slowly being whittled down and those DYI projects are getting a dust off. The lawns done and the gardens about to get a make over.

My ‘To Read’ pile of books on the bedside table is getting a wee bit smaller, and I’ve also managed to find a couple of numerology and theosophy books I’d misplaced that I want to study as well.

Along with plenty of time to catch up on those movies and tele programmes (especially those Scandi thrillers) that ‘everyone’ keeps talking about, there are also those YouTube clips that friends suggest via social media.

Even a bit of writing or journalling taking place. I heard that Shakespeare wrote King Lear, while he was in self isolation, when a plague was doing it’s rounds in his time! Not that I will be writing anything of his standard!

Some of the additional health benefits that we are incorporating into our day are extra meditation, Taichi and walking.

Even social distancing from friendly neighbours!

Getting out of the house is a great way of staying sane, although we now take the precautions of taking masks and gloves with us. As it’s difficult to be socially distant with an over-friendly cat who just wants a pat, and sometimes there are quite a number of walkers out at the same time.

Weathering the ‘Lockdown’

Our neighbourhood, like many around the country, has started putting Teddy Bears and other soft toys in windows for the neighbourhood children to spot and count.

Even the Bears are keeping safe

“That’s a bit naff” I can hear some of you say. But after putting our bears in the window, I overheard a young family stop outside the house and a young boy excitedly pointing out to his sister the ‘new bears’.

Needless to say, there was a lump in my chest and a suspiciously leaky eye I had to deal with.

So let your love and light shine out in any way you can, a wave and cheery hello to the neighbourhood walkers and residents. An offer to collect groceries for an elderly neighbour, or to take out their trash/rubbish bin. Even a Bear in the window.

Our bears waving…

We may never meet these people that our actions touch again, but at least we are spreading some love and light amongst the continuous darkness that the media coverage of the ‘dire’ predicament the world is currently in, portrays.

So will you rise the the challenge?

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