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Virginia Innes-Jones – Author and Researcher

Virginia is a born and bred New Zealander of Scottish and Māori (Ngāi Tahu) descent and has always loved writing since she could pick up a pen. From the age of five, she kept a journal and today almost half a century later is still practising this ritual religiously. She uses her inquisitive mind, ever packed with constant curiosity and imagination, complimented with ideas, to create and write.

She is a coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and like her forebear Robert Louis Stevenson, she is a natural Tusitala ‘Teller of Tales’, with a fabulous fascination for the unseen and unexplained, the other worlds – the land of fairytale.

Virginia and her family have lived in the islands of the South Pacific – Western Samoa and the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) off and on for the last 25 years resulting in her strong connection with Pasifika and Maori. Through her Scottish and Samoan cultural links, she has followed closely in retracing the footsteps of her ancestor Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish ‘Tusitala’ by spending a lot of time in his birth place of Scotland and in his resting place of Western Samoa.

Member of New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc)

Member of New Zealand Poets Society (NZPS)

Diploma in Freelance Journalism – NZIBS (NZ Institute of Business)

Associate (ATCL) Diploma in Teaching Speech and Drama – Trinity College, London

Licentiate (LTCL) Diploma in Teaching Speech and Drama – Trinity College, London

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL, TESOL) – Trinity College, London

Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management – CIT (Central Institute of Technology), Now Weltech (Wellington Polytechnic) – Three year course


Mark Innes-Jones – Author and Researcher

Mark Winton for most of his career has been working within the Pharmaceutical and Health industries managing his ‘varied patches’ in both the north and south islands of NZ as a Field Coach and Advisor.

In his spare time, he loves travelling and skiing in both NZ and overseas and of recent times has taken up researching and writing.

On leaving university, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing and since then he has continued to follow his passions: skiing in NZ and abroad (Japan, North America and Europe) and in his newfound passion of researching and writing.

He has always loved photography and this is evident in his choice and quality of photographs that appear in the recent architectural book ‘Bernard Winton Johns – Five Decades of His Architecture’.

Since the successful book launch of his first fiction novel last year, Concealment, Mark has followed up with Revelation the second book of the Engelberg Records. He is now finishing the third novel in the sweeping six book saga, to be launched later this year. Then it’s back to writing and fine tuning his next few novels in this amazing series.


Hinemura Ellison – Author

The author, Hinemura Ellison, is a retired journalist and communications coach who has worked in both the private and public sectors in the UK, Europe and New Zealand, giving her a front row seat to what does and doesn’t go on within the four walls of the public sector arena being privy to many an ‘off the record’ conversation. Having the ability to tap into good old-fashioned journalistic and coaching questions, pushing a few buttons and boundaries, hey presto – there is the inside information on what is really happening behind the scenes and further up the chain…

Hinemura Ellison is of NZ Maori and European descent, and affiliates with Ngāi Tahu, Te Atiawa, Ngāti Mamoe and Waitaha. She proudly descends from the great football player Tamati Ellison (1867 – 1905) who also was one of the first All Black captains who took NZ rugby international – to Australia.

Hinemura or Mu for short has always enjoyed reading from a young age and loved being ensconced in girls’ story books, Enid Blyton adventures, and watching good British murder mysteries on TV from the days of Agatha Christie, Midsomer Murders to Murder, She Wrote.

Mu has intertwined her love of adventure, and murder mysteries into this thrilling trilogy and to save disappointment has another trilogy with the same good old fashion ingredients up her sleeve for 2020. But for now is keen to get the Trinity Trilogy out for you so you can enjoy it over your much deserved Christmas break and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy turning the pages on a South Pacific sandy beach over the summer months.


Ted D Hughes – Photographer and Author

Ted Hughes collaborated on the Bernard Johns’ project, supplying some great photos of the renown architects’ stunning buildings and properties, while providing transport and navigation duties for both Mark and Virginia during the project’s research phase.

He also worked with Virginia on her Fabulous Faerie Folk poetry and story book, providing some wonderful photos for that project.

He is now successfully collaborating with Hinemura Ellison on their Trinity Trilogy project. Nearing completion of the sequel to Sharks With Lipstick, with the third crime mystery to follow soon.

Ted chooses to view the world through rose-tinted glasses after working in senior corporate and government positions for far too many years, now he takes those experiences into both his photography and writing.